Weathering a Date

Couples are often eager to be together when they are dating, and they might not take the weather into account when they make plans. There are many times when their lack of notice will not affect them, but there might be times when they find the weather is controlling their date. When an extreme weather event occurs, normal life can fly right out the window. For those who are on a date, it can make its own changes to their plans without their permission.

Extreme weather events are a part of life, but they do not occur regularly. Rain storms and snow are normal, but blizzards or downpours that cause flooding are not something that is always forecast. For couples who have decided to take a day trip together, it can become an event to be able to return home. Being stranded among strangers can become part of their history, and the story will be good or bad depending on just how extreme the weather becomes.

During the coldest months of the year, many dating couples have decided to take a trip to going skiing for a day or two. Snow falling then is something to be enjoyed, but blizzard conditions can cause them to be stranded. If the snow turns to sleet, they might not be able to safely navigate their way home, and they will again be stranded. How well they cope as a couple with these types of conditions will show them how well they will navigate through the rest of their life together.

Extreme weather events occur all over the world, and couples who cope with them successfully have often found they are a good indicator of a stable relationship. Weathering a date together might just be one of the best ways to determine if they have a future together or if they should declare it a fair weather friendship and move on.