Meeting Unexpectedly

When a couple has been together for a while, they often purchase special gifts for each other or plan surprise events. Secrecy is the key to success, so meeting their partner unexpectedly while making purchases or plans can become an issue. It does happen often enough to be the stuff of legends, and few people know what to do when it occurs. Some of them look guilty, and it leads their partner to believe the relationship is going badly. Others brazen their way through it and worry in private.

Being in a good relationship requires trust from both parties, and keeping secrets from one another is often a mistake. For some, a small blunder like this is easily forgiven. Jealousy in a relationship is bad, but it can surface when one person believes they are being lied to about something. They become suspicious, and they can no longer take their partner’s word at face value. Many of them, inexperienced in jealousy, can go to great lengths to uncover the secret and ruin a surprise.

It is important to have a plan in place for meeting a partner unexpectedly in this case, and it may even save the relationship or preserve the surprise. Knowing their habits when it comes to shopping, lunch or being out with friends is important. Avoiding them is best, but being prepared for a meeting is a necessity to keep the secret and give them a pleasant surprise.

Allowing others to help is a good way to avoid awkwardness or trust issues, but it must be someone who understands their role. This person must be trusted by both partners so their word will be taken if they are caught. Making plans or purchases online might be the best way to avoid meeting, and many shops now offer their services there exclusively.