Taking A Dating Break

Couples may decide it is time to try something new together when they have an established relationship, and some of the things that might interest them can be dangerous. Kayaking or rafting down a fast river can result in drowning, or they might just get wet and have a good laugh together at the end. Joining a sports league could be fun, but it could cause a dating break if one of them is injured and needs medical attention. Getting through this type of mishap could be a good indication of whether or not their relationship should continue.

Team sports are often a great deal of fun, but injuries happen in even the safest ones. Couples joining an established team might feel they should add more energy to make up for their lack of experience. Going all out in even the mildest sport can be dangerous, and a broken arm or leg could be a consequence. Getting a date off the field and to the hospital is the first priority.

Once the couple has reached the hospital, the injured person will often be whisked to an examination room. Paperwork is usually left up to their date, and it can be a good time to find out how much information they know about the person they have been seeing for a while. Every hospital has plenty of medical questions that will need to be answered before any medications can be given, and they tend to ask the person who does not need immediate medical attention for the answers.

Couples who have been dating a short time will probably not be able to answer many questions, but they should be able to provide emergency contact information. If the couple has been together for at least a year, perhaps knowing what a date is currently taking for medical conditions or allergies might be known. It can be a good measure for how observant or close the uninjured person is to their date, and it may help the couple decide whether their relationship should continue.