A Closed Restaurant

Two people meeting for the first time often choose a public venue for their date, and they might even make reservations at a fancy restaurant. For those who are less than ready to drop a lot of money on what might not work out, meeting at a run-of-the-mill eatery is often their choice. Both of them might show up on time only to find a closed restaurant. What they will do what that happens could signify whether or not they are open to a relationship.

The couple might decide it is a sign they are not meant to be together, and each of them could go their own way. Shrugging at the near miss, they might both be happy. One of them might have looked forward to the date, and that person could have a few regrets. Eager to get along, they might agree to leave because they are unwilling to cause the other person any twinges of remorse.

If the two find the incident funny, they might just take the time to figure out somewhere else they can dine together. It might start them off with a great memory, and both of them could discuss how they will tell their mutual friends about the incident. They could see that it is a sign they were meant to go on at least one date as a couple, and their ability to agree on another meeting place might bode well for a future relationship.

Meeting in a public place is always a good idea for two people who do not know each other, and dating has its own share of mishaps and dangers. For those willing to consider going out with someone they do not know at all, a closed meeting place could help them decide if their date is the right person for them.