Being Together Longer than Expected

People have been trapped in elevators occasionally over the last few decades. The electricity may go off in the building, or the elevator might be jammed in its tracks. Many couples have found this makes or breaks their relationship. Being forced to stay together longer than planned often has unexpected consequences. The couple will have to depend upon their own resources to entertain each other and keep each other from being too concerned. This is a good way to test whether or not dating should continue.

Modern life has certainly provided many instances where daters have been forced to extend their date. Major cities occasionally have blackouts of their power grids, and this stalls movement throughout the area. A couple might end up spending the night at a friends' home or in a darkened theatre until the power is restored. They must find a way to endure this time without knowing how long it will last. Couples might discover they are eminently suitable for each other, or they might never want to date again.

Inclement weather has occasionally been a way for people to extend their date. Being stuck in a building until unexpected storm damage is cleared certainly gives them ample time to get to know each other. They might extend their time further when attempting to travel home. If the roads are still blocked in some places, their date might go on for days more.

Traffic jams are never a cause for amusement, and on a date they are an unwelcome guest. When power fails, traffic is often stopped indefinitely, and authorities ask people to remain with their vehicles rather than walking. This provides the couple with an enclosed area where they can chat without distraction. Their first date will often provide them with plenty of information to decide whether or not they want to brave a second date.