Stranded on the Road

When most couples begin dating, they generally stay within their geographical area. After they have gotten to know each other better, they might decide to take a day trip to the country. It is an adventure for them, and they will have a chance to see how well they get along outside of their usual surroundings. The trip is a test of their ability to function as a couple, but it is also a test to see how well they communicate with each other.

Day trips for couples used to be a trial when it came to navigation, but that issue has largely been solved by digital devices. While there may be a few wrong addresses, getting to the general area of their destination is a foregone conclusion. Bad map reading skills are no longer an issue, but the inability to deal with a broken down vehicle has now taken its place.

Vehicles have always been tricky for those who know nothing about them, and today’s issues are decidedly worse. Computers have taken over many functions in the world, and they are inside many important vehicle components. If one breaks down, it can affect a variety of systems. Dealing with it is generally not done unless a diagnostic machine is available. Those are expensive devices, and they often take specialized education to understand the data. A vehicle breakdown on the road can leave a couple stranded until help arrives.

Couples who are stuck in this way must deal with their helplessness, and it is often a strain. One of them may expect their partner to be able to fix the problem, and the other might feel they are receiving no compassion. If they can survive a vehicle breakdown far from home with a good sense of humor, they have a better chance of forming a successful long term relationship.