Missing a Date with GPS

Modern travelers have become very dependent on GPS. This global tracking system lets people know where they are and provides a map or directions for their destination. It is an excellent replacement for paper maps and map books. Rather than being distracted while navigating unfamiliar terrain, a person simply listens to the device tell them where to turn. Worries about safety are negligible because the person can keep their eyes on the road. Yes, these wonderful devices are great at getting a person to their destination unless they key in the wrong address.

Electronic devices can only follow their programs. If a person keys in 223 instead of 322, the device cannot make a leap in understanding and deliver them to the address they really need. This is another modern dating mishap in the making. The person arrives at the address and wonders what is wrong. Their date is not waiting for them, but they know they are at the correct address because their device says so. A quick phone call will generally clear up this case of mistaken address identity and provide a funny anecdote for future daters.