More than Fashionably Late

Making a date with someone has three elements. The couple must agree of where to meet, what day to meet and the time. Personal digital devices are a wonderful accessory for modern daters. As soon as the details are agreed upon, each person can take out their device and program the information in. They will be able to see it on their calendar the very day they are supposed to get together. This is an efficient way to keep track of where a person needs to be at all times.

The date has been set, and both parties are in agreement as to the particulars. This is about to be a great date except one person put the wrong time into their device. Instead of showing up at 7 as agreed, this person will believe they are to meet at 8. Fashionably late is no more than a few minutes past the agreed time. That means this person will be standing up their date as far as their partner is concerned, and this is a bad sign for continuing the relationship.

There are few things worse than being stood up on a date. Reasonable explanations aside, it is difficult to understand why a person would not call and cancel. Keying in the wrong time on an electronic calendar is a new way for people to create dating mistakes. This is one area where society will have to adjust its thinking about time management and dating mishaps.

If the person waiting calls their date, they will probably straighten out the misunderstanding immediately. A reasonable person will often laugh it off as long as it never happens again. This is one of those dating dilemmas where timing is off and affects both people. In the end, it will make a charming story for the future.